Revise and Excel Mathematics


Revise and Excel is an exciting new series. The series includes summary notes which will support you with your revision and can be used as a quick reference for challenging content. The exercises, model exams and answers are designed to help you prepare thoroughly for your exams so that you excel!

This book is ideal for use with Mathematics Form 3 and Mathematics Form 4 Student’s Books.

Revise and Excel Mathematics Form 3 & 4 therefore addresses the ultimate goal of any student: passing the examinations. This book exposes students to general tips and techniques of taking Basic Mathematics examinations. This book has sixteen chapters, each contains a Summary of facts and Exercises which intend to consolidate the facts. The exercises have been expertly structured in conformity with the actual questions of the Basic Mathematics  paper of the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE)


At the end of this book, there are Four Mathematics model examination Papers which are meant to evaluate whether the student have successfully grasped and understood the material. Also the model papers aim at familiarizing you with both questions and format of the actual Basic Mathematics paper of the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination. This book is therefore the most relevant and useful guide to help students excel final Basic Mathematics examination.

This book also contain some useful tips in the following aspects;

  • General tips for  taking examinations
  • How to overcome anxiety
  • Strategies to build confidence
  • Important things to do when writing examinations
Publisher: Oxford University Press Tanzania Limited
Published in 2015
ISBN: 978 9976 4 0472 2



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