Awaken the Giant Within-Antony Robbin


How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny Wake up and Take Control of Your Life

ANTONY ROBBINS, THE NATION’S LEADER IN THE SCIENCE OF PEAK Performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-steps program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny.

Product details

  • Paperback: 544 pages
  • Publisher: Free Press (2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0-671-79154-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0671791544



Awaken the Giant Within you-Antony Robbin
“Yet another profound and powerful tool in the Robbins  arsenal of self-awareness. It has been an enormous source of strength and insight for me both personally and professionally.”
-Peter Guber, Former Chairman of the Board and CEO, Sony Picture

“Anthony Robbins is the ‘Ultimate coach’ for that special breed of men and women who will never settle for less that they can be”
-Pat Rilley, NBA “Coach of the Decade

“Required reading for anyone committed to increasing the quality of their life”
Dr. Barbara De Angelis, author of the #1 bestsellers How to Make Love All the Time and Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know

“Tony Robbins is one of the great influencers of this generation.”
__ Steven R. Covey, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


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