Invitation cards
Cards provide a formal way of inviting people to an event, whether it’s a corporate event, a cocktail party, graduation ceremony or a wedding. Cards are formal and add to the importance of an occasion.

We design various types of invitation/event cards for our customer. we also have ready made cards for Initiation, Success, Birthday, Weddings, Graduation, Baby Cards and much more!!

Sample cards designed for our clients

Kadi ya Mwaliko wa harusi (Invitation card)
Kadi ya Mwaliko wa Harusi/Ndo (Invitation card for wedding)

Invitation card (kadi ya tukio)
Kadi ya Mwaliko wa Tukio (Invitation card for event e.g tournament, beauty contest)

Kadi ya Krismas (xmas card)
Kadi ya Sherehe ya Noeli kwa mtu au Taasisi (Christmas Card)