By Hamza F. Napunda

MASTERING PRIMARY MATHEMATICS is the book that has specifically been prepared for Std V, VI and VII pupils and for their teachers. Also, this book is suitable for both parents and guardians who have a habit of following up on the progress of their children and helping them academically.

MASTERING PRIMARY MATHEMATICS has been prepared based on the new syllabus for primary school Mathematics in Tanzania. It has been expertly prepared by professionals to help both teachers and pupils in primary schools, who have, for quite some time, been experiencing difficulties in teaching and learning of this core subject. The situation which has led to the teachers and pupils to loose the spirit in teaching and learning of Mathematics.


This book, MASTERING PRIMARY MATHEMATICS, which is a must-have book for every pupil and every teacher will:

  • enable the pupil to solve various Mathematics test papers and examinations very efficiently and ultimately be able to pass the final std VII examinations with flying colors.
  • enable the teacher to teach Mathematics more efficiently.
  • enhance the spirit and interest in learning Mathematics.
  • improve the teaching techniques of the teachers.
  • enable both the teachers and the pupils to save on the time which would otherwise had been spent in reading various books for lesson planning or learning purposes.

Author: Hamza F. Napunda
Publisher: Vanedi Books Limited
ISBN: 978 9987 9902 1 4
Edition: second Published year: 201


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