Mastering Primary Science For Standard 6 & 7



MASTERING PRIMARY SCIENCE: this is the book that has specifically been prepared for Std VI and VII pupils and for their teachers. Also, this book is suitable for both parents and guardians who have a habit of following up on the progress of their children and helping them academically.
MASTERING PRIMARY SCIENCE: has been prepared based on the current new syllabus for primary school English in Tanzania. It has been expertly prepared by professionals to help both teachers and pupils in primary schools, who have, for quite some time, been experiencing difficulties in finding handy resources for this core subject. The situation had led the teachers and pupils alike to lose interest in teaching and learning science respectively.
This book has plenty of exercises which have been composed based on each topic with the sole intention of giving teachers and pupils an unparalleled choice for each topic. The author also included a compilation of many sample examination papers so as not only to acclimatize the pupils with all types of examinations but also with the variety of ways the questions are being asked. All the figures and illustrations have been expertly drawn to make learning easier. 
This book, MASTERING PRIMARY SCIENCE, which is a must-have book for every pupil and every teacher, will:
  • Enable the pupil to solve the various Sciences test papers and examinations very efficiently and ultimately be able to pass the final Std VII examinations with flying colours.
  • Enable the teacher to teach Science more efficiently.
  • Increase both the Spirit and interest in learning Science.
  • Enables both the teachers and the pupils to save time which would otherwise have been used in reading various books for lesson planning or learning purposes.


In the course of preparing this book, the author has worked together with distinguished Science experts who have successfully taught the subject in various schools. Also, on different occasions, these experts who have participated in a number of courses and seminars on the best approaches to teaching Science including evaluation in relation to the development and challenges of teaching the subject.

Apart from being facilitators of science teachers at both cluster and district levels, these experts have also been involved in the preparations of various Std VII examinations.

MASTERING PRIMARY SCIENCE is the Solution emanating from experience.

ISBN 978 9976 5465 38
Publisher: Vanedi Books Limited


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